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How To Convert YouTube to MP3

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  • Jan 22, 2023
youtube to mp3

YouTube is an application where we can gather information in the required format, i.e., audio or video. From making a coffee to building a bridge, from education to entertainment, every sort of video is made available at your fingertips. We as humans love to listen. From listening to music on cassette tapes to hearing cricket commentary on the radio, listening has been our favorite hobby. Even though the visual / video format of information (MP4) is abundant, the demand for audio formats (MP3, M4A, WAV, etc.) is never less. Nevertheless, the need to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format is always present which can be done using YouTube to MP3 converter. 

In this article, the steps that have to be taken to convert YouTube videos to audio formats are given in detail for different devices such as Android, iPhone, and Laptops.

Ways to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Android

To convert youtube videos to mp3 on android devices, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open YouTube, Select the Required Video and Click on ‘Share’

Open the YouTube application. Search for the video that is required to be converted. You can see the share option available on the video selected. Click on that. 

Convert Youtube to MP3

You can find COPY LINK option. Click on that and the link of the selected video is copied to the clipboard.

youtube to mp3 converter

There are many trusted websites available on the internet that can convert videos to mp3 format. You can select any of them. Some of the most trusted MP3 converters available are:

  • Y2mate 
  • 4K Download
  • MP3FY 
  • BigConverter 
  • YTop1
  • Offliberty 
  • GenYoutube 
  • ConverterBear 

Many of these have no duration limit to the videos. Different features are available across all these websites. You can check for the required features and select the website. After selecting a website, Place the link that is copied in the space given and click on convert. The reference for the Y2mate is provided below:

y2mate music download

Step 3: Select the Required Resolution/Bitrate and Click on Convert or Download

Websites nowadays provide different bitrates as options. Bitrates are the measurements of the audio formats. It measures the quality and clarity of the specific audio. Based on the requirement and storage available, one can select the options. After selecting, the website loads, and the download option is displayed. Click on the download. 

Step 4: Go to Downloads and Change the Location of the File 

The downloaded audio is saved in the browser downloads. You can change the location and save it in the preferred file. 

Ways to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Laptop or Desktop

The conversion of videos to mp3 in laptops/systems is quite similar to that of Android phones. 

Double-click on the preferred browser. Search for YouTube and open it. Search for the video required for conversion and copy the URL.

Convert YouTube to MP3 on Laptop

On the top left corner, you can find a: +’ symbol for opening a new tab or enter CTRL + N on the keyboard for a new tab. Search for ‘ YouTube to MP3 converter ‘. You can find several websites for this purpose. The websites mentioned earlier in this article can support Phones, Laptops, and PCs. Hence, you can select any website based on your preference and the features they provide. 

Paste the link that you have copied and click Convert. A drop box will appear asking for the resolution. Select the required bitrate and Click on Download. The MP3 file will be downloaded to your system.

Free Youtube Mp3 Comconver

Step 4: Open Downloads and Change the Location of the File 

Open MyPC/ ThisPC and go to Downloads. There you can find the downloaded audio file. Click on the file and enter CTRL + X to cut the file. Select a folder in your system where you want this file to be. Enter CTRL + V to paste the video. 

Step 5: Open the File in VLC Player

If you want to play the audio, select the file and right-click on it. A box will appear, in that click on Open With and select VLC Media Player and the audio will be played. 

Ways to Download YouTube Videos on Mac

To convert YouTube videos to audio on Mac, we have to install an application called iTube HD Downloader

Step 1: Open Browser and Install iTube HD Downloader

Open the browser and search for the official website Click on the Download and the application will be downloaded. Now, open Downloads and right-click on the file. Click on Install and the application will be installed on your Mac.

download youtube videos mac free

Open YouTube and search for the specific video. Copy the link to the video. 

best free youtube downloader for mac

Double-click on the iTube Application and it will open. On the top left corner, you can find ‘ add file ‘, click on it. A box will appear and paste the copied link in that. Another window will open asking for the specific format of download. Select MP3 and select the required Bitrate and click download. The converted audio will be downloaded.

itube studio for mac

However, we have provided you with the basic steps to convert videos from YouTube to MP3 files, and now comes an important question- “Is it legal to do so?” Let us tell you that you cannot convert any video to MP3 if the material is copyrighted as it means that you do not have permission to do so. Moreover, in many countries, there are different laws for converting YouTube videos to MP3. In some, it is also considered an offense but if you are not using that video for monetary purposes then it is generally not considered a breach. Also, converting YouTube videos to MP3 can be legal if the copyright laws are not subjected to the particular video or the owner grants permission to reproduce that particular video. 

YouTube Music 

It is a music streaming service provided by YouTube to listen to and download songs of high quality. This application is available across all the devices such as Android, iPhone, PCs, laptops, Macs, and Tablets. YouTube Music provides music of high quality and with less noise. Users can adjust the audio streaming quality and listen accordingly. Also, it is free to download from the Play store / iStore / Microsoft Store. However, the user has to pay a minimum amount to enjoy ad-free music, play in the background and download it offline.

Users can create playlists or listen to the playlists that are available online or playlists that are suggested by YouTube. It consists of many features such as playlists of choice such as workout, melody, party, etc.


The desire to listen to songs irrespective of the internet connection is always present in our hearts. Knowing the ways to convert YouTube videos to mp3 format simply and securely can help in such a situation. Learning about the features available in this process will help us gain the services and advantages we are capable of. It is also important to understand the liabilities of such conversations and act accordingly. YouTube has been a go-to application for content/music creators to upload their latest releases. Many genres are getting back to life and new genres are being born in this digital era. The above-mentioned steps will help enjoy such great music and audio. We wish to help you in having a good time. Happy listening!

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